Tamagotchi (GameBoy) Diary – Part One

I have always been a fan of Tamagotchi. As a child I used to make my mother look after my puppy Tama while I was at school so that it wouldn’t die. Eventually I had close to ten of them and I would just change the clock and hope that they slept while I was out. Sadly I got rid of all of them. My biggest regrets are the original Digimon that I gave away. Looking online they are roughly $100AUD. Ew! One day I will grab two of them.

Recently I had been wanting to get back into the Tama world. I have been researching them and decided to buy a cheap older version online. While that was in the post I started playing Tamagotchi on the original GameBoy. These are my logs.


I find old titles quite charming and GameBoy games always have a place in my heart.


Once in the egg room you could choose which egg you wanted. At the time of choosing I believed that the eggs were just cosmetic and the way you interacted with the Tamagotchi contributed to which Tama you would get up with. However now I am led to believe that each egg gives you a different tree of Tama. Whoops!


Horray! Ballie hatched out of the egg. I forgot how demanding baby Tama are! Constantly hungry and refusing to eat healthy food. I give in and give them junk only for them to get sick and therefore angry at me for giving them medicine. WHY ARE YOU SO HARD?


We bonded over playing Left or Right. Two other games are included. One is a maths game and I have no idea how any form of maths can be considered fun and the other is a really clunky sports game. I figured I will repeatedly take my changes with this luck based game.


Dun.. Dun.. Dunnnn. Ballie evolved/digivolved/grew up?


I‘m not really sure about the stats on the right but I have been keeping Life and Fun full so hopefully I end up with some badarse Tamagotchi.


Ballie turned into some Tama with big lips. Is it meant to be a duck? I don’t know. It looks like one of the characters you get when you hate your Tamagotchi. Boo! I hope Ballie changes again soon!


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