Neopets Trading Card Game

For my birthday one of my friends bought me a deck of Neopets trading cards. I was a little bit excited as I still play Neopets and always like trying new games.

Included in the box was two starting decks, a booster, a playing map, dice and an advanced rule book.

My husband was happy to play with me so we set the game up. It took awhile to flatten the mat out but I suppose that is what happens after being folded in a box for twelve years.

We played with the basic rules for the most part. Some of the rules seemed too simple or were very vague so we used some of the experienced rules where necessary.

The aim of the game is to have twenty-one points in your bank. You obtain these points by having one of your three Neopet cards in a contest and winning. Once you win you can bank an item from your hand. Each item has an allocated point reward on the bottom left hand side. To win a contest you can either be the only one in the arena or win against the opponents Neopet.

Each Neopet has a base stat which can be increased by equipping them with armour or weapons. They can also be boosted by one use item cards. Each player then rolls their dice and adds the result to their total. A six is an automatic win.

The game is very basic but I had a lot of fun with it and we have already purchased two more decks to play with. Having a larger array of cards will definitely help. We only have one ‘Something Has Happened’ card and seven Neopets.

I will let you know how incorporating the new decks adds to the game!


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