Recent Pick Ups. Or The Tale of Finally Obtaining RRP Toy to Life Figurines.

Finally, finally, finally, finally!! Villager is the only Amiibo I really ever wanted. I say that with about fifteen currently on my TV Unit though I only purchase ones I like! The rare times I actually play Smash I always main Villager. He is amazing and too cute. Originally I refused to jump onto the Amiibo bandwagon as I already took part in Skylanders. This changed when I saw Pikachu and figured I needed the Pokemon ones.

and then I needed Villager but it was already too late. I refuse to buy items from scalpers who buy out whole shelves of the product just to sell online for a profit. I would rather go without as opposed to financing them. Last week my husband heard that a certain store here was getting restock of Villager so he travelled around the city until he found one for me. I was so happy. I probably won’t even open him.

Not too long before that he managed to nab me a Blackout and Spotlight. I am always a game behind in the Skylanders series and I didn’t even know about the Dark and Light packs. In fact they were preorder only here and super rare. They were going for over $200 online. Yuck. Since then I have managed to obtain the Dark pack but not the Light one. I was most interested in these two though as I like the Dragon characters the best. Before maining Jade Fire Kraken for Swap-Force I was always Cynder. They are just so pretty. No humanoid characters for me.

I also obtained Tales of Hearts R. I am a big Tales fan in the sense that I have all of the games but have not beaten any of them. The new announcement hasn’t even excited me as it just makes me stress about all of the games in my backlog. Need to finish Vesperia and Abyss! So I had my eye on Hearts but was waiting for the fine line where it is cheap  but hasn’t disappeared from the face of the earth like niche titles tend to do. It just went on sale so I picked it up!
I also obtained the first Naruto manga. I will never buy them all. I have no desire to. That is over 70 manga. It seems absurd. Though I would like to have the original and the final book. I feel like that is a decent compromise. Even the shop assistant said I was weird as I had no desire to open it. Man, that should be what your shop is all about. Who opens collectable items anyway?

Lastly I got roped into buying two pet rats. I am a sucker for animals. I would even go as far as to say that they are my main hobby and interest. One of the main reasons I want to move back to England (other than the fact that it completely destroys Australia in every way) is due to the fact that I can make the most of my interest and keep exotic pets. Even basic animals such as hamsters, ferrets, gerbils and rabbits are banned where I live. I already have a lay out for the animal room I want and I want to care for hedgehogs, chinchillas, rabbits, ferrets, sugar gliders, duprasi. You know. I could happily spend a whole day just in the room cleaning out cages and caring for them! I love it.

So I am getting a pet mouse for the two year olds I look after at work. I had a lot of animals growing up and I feel like caring for another creature is such a good learning experience as a child. I had to go to a different post office to pick up my two Skylanders as the package apparently didn’t fit into my local one. It turned out to be next to a pet shop so I decided to go in and look at products for my future mouse,

As I always do I looked into the rat tank to see what was happening and was met with such a sat sight. This poor lone male rat was all hunched up in a small cage. With guinea pig food, mouldy water, a mouse wheel and mouse house. Totally unacceptable living conditions. It just broke my heart and I wanted to cry. How can anyone be so cruel? No matter how big or small all animals have feelings and are a living being. So I went home and text my husband about it and he said I should go back and get him. So I did. I also got him a friend as you can’t just have one. They have instantly bonded. I haven’t thought of names yet but I will soon. I bought so many toys for them and have placed a big hammock order. Yep, I am a sucker. This is what their new ‘digs’ looks like.

Once I have received my hammock order I will take a complete photo. They are quite happy with their new mansion. 🙂

See ya! 


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