My Novel

I love writing. I have loved it ever since I was a child. I used to write incredibly long stories about Beanie Kids and Pokemon. I used to role-play characters from Pokemon, Neopets and Aftermathzone. My childhood diary originally filled with stories of things I did every day and crushes turned into tales of Pokemon trainers and magic.

My favourite assignments through school were those that let you create your own story. No matter the situation I could always come up with something I deemed interesting. It will therefore come as no surprise that my interest is still strong today and I am currently writing my first novel.

I say first lightly. I have written and completed stories before but never on this scale. I am so heavily invested in the world described in my novel. I can see it and it feels so real. The main character is incredibly likeable and I am having fun showing an interesting side to the deuteragonist. Deuteragonists are my favourite characters no matter the story. I tend to love characters who have very depressing story lines and are manipulated into doing things or feel conflicted and like they have no choice to act in a certain way. Generally people tend to hate these characters as they are seen as the villains. I guess I just feel sorry for them because you can see how they got to the point they did and that is genuinely could have been avoided.

I am not sure yet if my deuteragonist will behave in a similar manner. My story is planned out but I am going with the flow and what seems right. It’s all very exciting.

After all that is said though.. I have so much trouble just writing. I find myself just wanting to go from exciting scenario A to exciting scenario B and skipping everything in between. I just want to get to the exciting climax already! I spent a lot of time at the beginning going over my paragraphs and fluffing them up. I have changed to just writing for the sake of writing. It doesn’t need to even be complete. As long as I know what is happening and when I edit it I can make it better. My interest has definitely increased as I can see how much faster the story is coming along this way. First drafts are meant to be bad anyway, right?

Hopefully I will have completed my first draft soon! Then I will go over and over it again until I am happy. I have no idea what to do with it after that. I suppose it depends on what people think of it before I take it any further! Even if nothing happens I will just be happy that I finished it for myself!


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