PWR – 24/05/15

(Maybe I should start to organise when I do PWR, It makes no sense to have them set out so sporadically. I have a few topics I want to blog about more often. I should consider starting a schedule of some sorts an stick to it. Next time. For now..)


Hamtaro - Ham-Hams Unite!_20

Hamtaro: Ham-Hams Unite!

A few days ago I was browsing YouTube listening to nostalgic anime themes and found myself listening to the Hamtaro themes. I remember being so obsessed with Hamtaro that my friend and I would come home from school, watch it and then quickly get on MSN to talk about it, sing the theme song together and draw the Ham-Hams.

So it was only natural that I started to play one of the Hamtaro games. I actually hadn’t previously played Ham-Hams Unite! I have played Ham-Ham Heartbreak before and really enjoyed it even though it managed to glitch on me so I haven’t gone back.

All of the Ham Speak came flooding back to me as for some reason my brain kept it just in case I had to use it in the future. Ohkay then? It’s really simple. Boss asks you to return all of the Ham-Hams to the Clubhouse and you go out and find them all while collecting items on the way that you can use to buy items such as the sweater above. I wish that you could wear the clothing during the game and not just for a photo but I do realise I am asking a lot as it is a GBC game.

The game itself can probably be beaten in an hour or two. I have it open and quickly do something on it while I am waiting for something else so I will probably spend longer with it. Which is fine as it’s adorable


Yep. Still playing this one. I had the most successful weekend last weekend on Neopets. Obtained a Fountain Faerie quest, got my Magma Time, painted my Krawk Baby, got my wish granted from the Wishing Well. Just to name a few things! This weekend not so much. I went over my charges and realised in the last month I have spent more on NeoCash than I realised. Ew. So there goes my future NeoCash buying. There’s just something about customising my pets that I find so addicting. I am also a sucker for spending real money on things (RuneScape, Aftermathzone, IcePets, GaiaOnline.. I can’t help myself)

Yesterday I finally traded for an item I had been looking for for a long time. Dyeworks Pink: Mutant  Blue Glowing Contacts. Too bad I had to over offer.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Season Five

My husband started watching this on Netflix and then I got into it too. I largely contribute that to Ahsoka being such an engaging character. My interest has waned a little as I am now past her trial and leaving the Jedi. Poor Ahsoka. The series has peaked my interest in the new Disney Infinity and I will definitely be playing that at some stage.

Game of Thrones

Season Five


I honestly don’t understand how someone has gotten to season five of Game of Thrones and still feels shocked by themes displayed in the show. I am not a book reader so I generally have no idea when things differ but I thought it was incredibly obvious that Sansa and Ramsay’s wedding night was going to end up that way. Of course he is going to have sex with her and she’s not going to be begging for it. In fact probably a lot of arranged marriaged in Westeros start off in the same way.

In this situation I do know that the books had a different scenario play out. I don’t know the details but I do know it is considered much worse and impacts a character other than Sansa. I feel like it is pretty obvious who but I have no desire to look into book/show differences until it is completed.

Anyway I feel like this pedestal that people put female characters on is annoying. Why are so many considered untouchable and people cry foul when they are? So many people came running to Sansa’s defence when she was raped but how many people were upset about Theon when he was tortured and sexually mutilated. Ugh.



Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring (ナルト−外伝・七代目火影と緋色の花つ月)


Oh my gosh. Who is the person in the Akatsuki robe? Who is the weird person attacking Sarada. Is Sasuke going to stab yet another family member of his? So many questions and no answers. Who even is Boruto’s friend? Was Chou-Chou dropped on her head?

I did like the dialogue between Naruto and Sarada as he was describing Sasuke for her. Top of the class just like him, popular with the ladies just like him. Oh Naruto. SERIOUSLY though. Rumours are floating that it is Shisui in the robe. Someone give me answers.


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