May Pick Ups!


I used to buy so many things. Now that I am feeling super poor and have had no time to game I have really cut back. Not counting micro transactions (as I’ve been kind of hammering them lately), these are my purchases for the month of May.

I picked up the Pokemon cards as I want to start getting into a TCG. I already have fifty thousand Pokemon cards so it is an easy option. Though I might have to play by myself as I don’t know anyone who still plays.

Noire I received off of a friend for a good price. I am a huge fan of the Neptunia series. As in, probably the only person who found no faults with the original Hyperdimension Neptunia. So I am very excited to play a game based around Noire!

The Skylanders I impulse bought as the Dark pack has been sold out here forever and sells online for $200. I am not paying a reseller some absurd amount and would rather go without. I stumbled upon both that and the Kaos trap in the shops! Too bad I am still not over the Skylanders Giants Score Attack trophy hate so I won’t be using them any time soon!

I was going to pick up Kirby but people have said bad things about it. Is it true? 😦


2 responses to “May Pick Ups!

  1. I really enjoyed the Noire spin-off. Good strategy RPG gameplay and funny Neptunia humor.

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