I’m Going To Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions!


It is so far away but I am already incredibly excited! I will be going to Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions held at the Sydney Opera House in November. I am excited not only because it’s Pokemon and my brain will explode if they play the Goldenrod City theme (nostalgia from going up and down, breeding eggs for days) or either PokeRAP. So good. I knew I learnt them off by heart for a reason. That reason is November 21st.

I haven’t even looked at what they play. I have heard they include the PokeRAP but the rest is a surprise for me. I am going with friends and we have already decided on what we are going to wear. I found someone who makes awesome nerdy clothing. Her website is Darling Army but you can also find her on Facebook under the same name. I found this skirt and I totally need to buy it – price be damned!

Not only did I find that amazingly, nerdy skirt that you can also pull off in real life but I found even nerdier clothing that I feel like I need but would only ever wear to Supanova. There’s a Naruto and Sasuke one. As much as I hate Sasuke his design looks a lot better in my opinion.

I may or may not have messaged her about an Obito custom. You got to have something to wear at cons, right? Plus it might give me a reason to get up and go to them occasionally. Plus I can’t buy a Sasuke one because.. Sasuke.



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