Neopets: The Good, The Bad and The Laggy.

Over the last few weeks I have gotten back into Neopets. I played it when I was younger, got back into it when I was about fourteen and then left as everything was unobtainable. I went onto Neopets out of boredom a few weeks ago and decided I would give it a go. I’ve already achieved so many goals that I had when I was younger. I’ve since created a Lutari, morphed my pet into a Krawk and started to customise.

I hated customising. Which is why I left the second time. Now I am starting to really like it. Nothing beats the unconverted pets though. That grey Ixi I will never have.

The Good

There is so much to do. Besides doing my dailies and hoping I get an item worth millions so I can paint my pets; I spend the rest of my time failing at restocking, on the NeoBoards, working out stocks and Food Club as well as playing games. The inner collector in me has gone crazy over avatars and I have already collected over fifty after being back. I’ve added my name to four pet trade lists as well. So I will have eight new avatars from that.

The customisation is a lot of fun at times. I’ve finally found a cute custom for my Mutant Aisha. The only downside is two of the items are really hard to find. I have only found one person trading one item I need that will cost me about $15AUD (in caps) and the other item is a retired Dyeworks. Ahhhh! Still I really like what the end result looks like and think they do look a lot nicer than SOME unconverted pets.

People are generally really nice. I have been given a few items to really help me out. Two Pirate Draik Eggs and a few items here and there towards the pack rat avatar. I have also been lent pets and very expensive items to obtain avatars. The community seems to be amazing. A lot of users are probably a similar age to me and still play based on nostalgia or habit. I even adopted a Royal Boy Uni yesterday from someone. He’s very cute.

I have a few friends playing at the same time as me which makes the game seem a lot more exciting. We have our own Facebook chat and all compare daily events and things like that. It’s nice having a friend to search the Shop Wizard for you when you are on a quest!

The Bad

Nothing works. The site constantly goes down. I was sad when Viacom purchased Neopets but seeing what JumpStart has done with it – I miss them! Since I have been back I have noticed that there’s no Kad feeding, stocks were down, no Better Than You, no NT, news is awful, pet days are ignored, game scores aren’t resetting. I could go on and on! Hopefully it is as they say and it is because they are fixing things on the website. I am doubtful though. That is the only thing holding me back from completely investing myself into the website. I’m scared JumpStart will let it die.

The Laggy

Ugh. I have never visited Is It Down Right Now? as much as I have done these last few weeks on Neopets. Without notice the site will just go down. It’s very frustrating. If it isn’t down there are lag spikes out of nowhere. The website is so buggy. I can’t remember it being this bad before. Maybe I am just blinded by nostalgia but it really seems like JumpStart is screwing around.

Overall I am still enjoying my time with it and will continue to play for the foreseeable future. Hopefully I can achieve my goals and continue to work on my account. Or I may just fall off the face of the earth. Who knows!


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