I was experimented on… FOR SCIENCE!

A little while ago I was asked by a good friend of mine to take part in an experiment she is conducting for her PHD. Offers like that don’t come around every day so I eagerly accepted. The morning of the experiment I got dressed, incredibly excited to wear my new dress and was just about to leave the house when she called me and told me I couldn’t wear a dress. The pain. Back to square one and three outfits later I was set.


The obvious reaction to having to get changed.

We got to the lab and I was extremely a little nervous as I generally don’t play shooters and the game I would be playing was Left 4 Dead 2. I sat on the chair and accepted that I would shame my whole family with my lack of ability. With only a few hilarious accidents involving hand sanitiser and a lack of shoes we were ready to get started.

The equipment used in the experiment consisted of..

1. Electrocardiogram (ECG): a device that measures your heart rate.
2. Electromyogram (EMG): a device that measures the activity of your facial muscles.
3. Electroencephalogram (EEG): a device that measures brain activity.
4. Galvanic Skin Response (GSR): a device that measures sweat gland activity.

All of the areas that the equipment were touching had to be prepped. I said my last goodbyes to whatever germs were lingering as well as the top layer of my skin. Once we were finished I looked better than I ever had before


Lame peace sign due to us thinking it would include the equipment on my hand in the photo. Nope..

I had a lot of fun with the experiment. I realised that even though I definitely do suck at shooters, they aren’t awful and I might actually enjoy them. I also learnt that my heart is functioning perfectly. I’m unsure which discovery was more exciting.


To top it all off as a reward for taking part in the survey I received a Steam Key that gave me access to every Valve game released and any future releases. I’ve only ever played Portal 2 so I have installed Portal now. What else should I try?


3 responses to “I was experimented on… FOR SCIENCE!

  1. The Portal games are my fave stuff from Valve. I remember enjoying the original Half Life back in the day, although it probably hasn’t aged well.

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