PWR – Playing, Watching, Reading.

A few days ago I was making my way through the internet when I stumbled upon Geek Bomb’s video for PWR. PWR stands for Playing, Watching, Reading. What a great idea for a blog post I thought and with a quick message to Geek Bomb I was told that I can talk about my own!

Third of April 2015

Playing – RuneScape
I find when I have little time to dedicate to playing games I always come back to RuneScape. Lately I have been ill so I haven’t had to willpower to play anything. I find those are the perfect times to play RuneScape as I can just ‘afk’ train. This week I have been training Divination. It’s so boring. Literally boring. BORING. I guess it’s funny though that no matter how boring it is, I get such a kick out of levelling up. Maybe I’m addicted. I’m only level 76 at the moment and I’ll probably stop at level 80 and do something else. Maybe even some Slayer.

Watching – Ouran High School Host Club

I had never watched this before! I had seen it before and people generally say positive things about it but there was always something else I wanted to watch more. We recently subscribed to Netflix (Australia) and decided to see what anime they had. With a stab in the dark we started Ouran High School Host Club, I’m so glad we did. I am only up to episode six but so far so good. Hopefully it keeps it up. More twins, please!


Reading – Shingeki no Kyojin

I watched Attack on Titan English dub with my Mum while I was recovering from surgery. I had previously already watched the sub and enjoyed it. The second time around though I just needed answers. Where did the Titans come from? Where is Eren’s dad? Who is the Colossal Titan? So many questions left unanswered. So I started to read the manga.

At the beginning I was a little overwhelmed by everything that was happening. I feel like it’s a totally different world to that of the anime. Eren doesn’t seem so special after all. I can see why season two of the anime is so far away. Hopefully they will jam pack it with the best part of the manga. There seems to be a bit less action at the moment.

Still I am really enjoying it. Having just finished the Naruto manga.. I was left feeling a bit empty in that regard and AoT is definitely filling that hole.

What’s your PWR? 🙂


4 responses to “PWR – Playing, Watching, Reading.

      • I’m enjoying it a lot. It probably is my fave game from the trilogy. Right now I am stuck on the final boss, but there is no time limit on this one so I should be able to beat him eventually.

      • I can’t even begin to comprehend how awesome the game is without time limits. They were the only thing holding me back in previous games!

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