Game 4: Game of Thrones Episode One.

Game 4/52 – Game of Thrones Episode One

You should probably play it!

I am not sure where I sit on episodic games in game challenges. I have seen people include each episode as a separate game and people who include them all as one. I mean, if I played this as the finish product I would only include it as the one game so I think that is the formula I will stick to.. No matter how tempting six games are.

What I Liked

I liked that even though the game used characters from the actual show it still worked well. I was wondering how the ‘real’ characters would interact in the game as you can’t do TOO much with them because they have their own involved story lines in Game of Thrones anyway. They already have their own personalities and you can’t really kill them. This doesn’t matter anyway as you are such a lower family anyway it fits and doesn’t seem jarring.

What I Disliked

liked everything. The game actually ran decently on the PS4. I played The Walking Dead season one and two on the PS3 and they were a total mess. So incredibly laggy sometimes I wouldn’t even see the trophy pop in between chapters it would take so long. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this wasn’t a problem on the PS4. .

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