Game 3: A Bird Story

Game 3/52 – A Bird Story

You should probably play it!

I am not going to lie. The only reason I originally purchased this game was because it was really short and I needed to beat a game. I knew I would like it though as I am fairly fond of To The Moon. Maybe not to the same extent as some others as I didn’t find it tear jerking. Regardless I thought A Bird Story would be up my alley.

What I Liked

I liked the little story that the game had. I beat it in around an hour and it has literally zero dialogue. Everything comes from the interaction between the boy and the bird. Even so I still found myself on edge at occasion wondering what was happening and even a little sad. I blame the bird though as anything with animals in it is sure to move me more than any person ever would. I like that A Bird Story has made me really want Freebird Games’ next title.

What I Disliked

didn’t dislike anything. Other than the fact that the I accidentally exited the game at the start SOMEHOW. Other than that I had a lot of fun with the title. I guess it could have been a little longer as I got immersed in the game but I’m not upset with the length.

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