Game 1: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

Game 1/52 – Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution

You should play it!

In a way it is only fitting that a Naruto game was my first completed game of 2015. I am currently marathoning Shippuden after being a massive latecomer to the series. In the series I am only up to the oh so shocking Obito reveal. Which I suppose is still impressive after how long I have been watching it! Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 was my first foray into the Naruto universe and I absolutely loved it. Having since played Storm 2 and Generations; I was not actually going to pick Revolution up as I knew it followed Generations footsteps in regards to being more of a filler game. Obviously, I caved! 

What I Liked

It took me a long time to actually decide whether I liked the Mecha-Naruto storyline. In the end I actually really enjoyed it. I mean, it was kind of silly and stunk of filler but at the same time aspects of it were kind of sweet. Typical Naruto helping everyone out even after they kicked him to the ground. I actually did feel a little sad when I thought that he was going to self destruct.  I also really enjoyed the Akatsuki history (I love them all.. mostly), Itachi and Shisui’s moment. Last but not least the little Rin/Obito/Kakashi bit. I can’t have enough Obito. The new roster additions are also a little bit amazing too.

What I Disliked

I want to say the fact that it had no real story but I knew that before I bought it so it wouldn’t be fair. I didn’t like the orb battle mechanics. I had no interest in collecting orbs I just want to △△o my way to victory, right? I haven’t looked online yet but I assume most people liked this or at the very least were humoured by it but I disliked the ‘Sunny Side Battle!’ clip that was included. It just left me very confused. I don’t handle filler or anything related to it very well. It always comes to annoy me when we are in the middle of something amazing.

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