52 Games One Year Challenge!

Too many games..

Oh boy. I have no idea why I am even attempting this. I am literally the worst at actually unwrapping my games and putting them into their respective consoles. I get on the hype train, I drool over the leaked titbits, I save up my money and I go and buy on launch. I get home, stare at the case, get excited and put it on my shelf…. And then I go on with my life.

This is changing this year! Over the last few years I have cut down my purchases and now I am working on beating my games. I need to beat one a week. This is going to be incredibly hard as I mainly play JRPG’s. I might play a few of my shorter games and retro games to help me go. I’m excited and nervous to do this. I have already started and I have almost finished my first game.

Once I am done I will post how I feel about the game on here.

Wish me luck!


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