RuneScape Double Keys!

How good is this theme? Does it not bring back memories of rushing home from school to meet up with all of your friends in Varrock? Being lured into the Wildy? Mining, mining, mining. Those were the days! Nostalgia is a huge part of why I even still play RuneScape. I can go for ages without playing it but I always come back.

So today I came back. I’ve been on and off for awhile. Mainly because I am working on 99 RC and it is so, so boring. I mean.. I can AFK it but I would rather do something else. Today when I logged in I received the offer for double keys and having new birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and nothing I actually want that I don’t have.. (without spending my birthday money on my upcoming wedding) I decided to get the 200+200 key  pack.

I didn’t get any Lucky items and I am not surprised by that. Disappointed but not surprised. I did manage to get a few First Age items and some other similar items to help with skilling and that is good. Though the best part of this for me was the fact that I just halved the time it will now take me to get 99 RC and 99 Prayer.


Now I am acutally excited to get back into the Runespan and get this done! Not as excited about buying the bones I need though for 99 Prayer! Could be worse!


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