Harvest Moon In Name Not Game!


ARRRRRRRRGH! As if the announcement that the next instalment of Harvest Moon was losing the Harvest Moon name wasn’t bad enough (Story of Seasons? Really? At best it sounds like a subtitle for a game.) now we know that since Natsume still own the name Harvest Moon they are releasing their own Harvest Moon game late this year. What a total clusterfuck. So, the REAL Harvest Moon game is Story of Seasons which will be released by XSeed. Then there is this new Harvest Moon game.. Which well.. Isn’t really a Harvest Moon game at all! New developers and all that. I am going to support the actual game and hope it sells but what a farm off!

I can’t see the Natsume Harvest Moon being any good as their attempts at 3DS ports of the games have led to glitchy attempts at a game that had the potential to brick any 3DS on sight. Well, maybe a little exagerated but they were fairly awful. I want it to be good as I am so incredibly nostalgic for Harvest Moon but I am torn. I will continue to support the real development team even if they have lost the name but.. That name does mean a lot to me.


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