My Top 10 Video Game Openings/Endings.

On the same train of thought as the anime themes I decided to think about and list the video game openings/endings that I absolutely love. The ones that I will watch every single time that I load up the game. The ones that I look up on YouTube just to jam to them. I tried to do just one from each franchise. Otherwise I would double up on quite a few of them. So here they are in no particular order.

1. Dragon’s Dogma

Just totally the most random and amazing opening theme for a game ever. Just loading the game up after being hyped for it for so long and am met with this fantastic piece that is totally unrelated to the game. I listened to it every single time I worked my way to the platinum and I still listen to it now. THE WIND IS PUSHING MEEEEEEE.

2.  Portal

Choosing ‘Still Alive’ over ‘Want You Gone’ even though they are both equally amazing. Choosing ‘Still Alive’ as it was the first one and totally awesome. I guess it wasn’t a great surprise for the end of Portal 2!

3. Persona 4

Just the most upbeat opening ever for one of the best JRPGs there is! Too bad Golden’s opening isn’t as awesome. When I want people to play P4 who haven’t yet, I always just show them the opening.

4. ICO

Best. Best. Best. Such good feelings well.. I guess sad feelings too. Maybe when you play the HD version and this is the menu music it will make you happy.. But then when you beat the game you might feel differently? Regardless such a beautiful piece of music.

5. Kingdom Hearts

‘Simple and Clean’ is amazing! Partially because it is a great song and partly because it isn’t as overused in the KH series as ‘Sanctuary’ is.

6. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Not my favourite Pokemon game (Hello Silver!) though definitely my favourite opening. There’s just something about it that I love. It’s so nice and simple and less about showing the towns or just being strange like BW.

7. Final Fantasy VIII

I understand my love for this is just nostalgia. Willing to admit that. My first real JRPG. My first Final Fantasy and my favourite game of all time. It is just EPIC.

8. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

So dark! So good. Full of Epona and wolfy goodness. Can’t go wrong with that. My first and favourite Zelda. Not knocking OoT or anything but I just love TP.

9. Rune Factory Oceans/ToD

Just the best. I heard this enough. I double dipped on the platinum on this game as I loved it. Such a nice opening! Also included Sonia’s opening because it’s even cuter and not everyone has seen it!

10. NIER

Best soundtrack? Maybe! Certainly is pretty amazing. Such an underrated game. Everyone should play it right now! Buy it! Poor, poor Cavia.


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