The Walking Dead Season Two: Episode Two (Serious Spoilers)

Wow. I can not believe that I only yesterday realised that Episode Two was up on the Australian Playstation store. In my limited defence though the convoluted process of actually finding the episode is somewhat to blame. Episode Two would not come up when I searched for it and it took me searching the add-on section of Episode One to actually find it. Ugh.

What an episode! Definitely worth the wait and better than the first one. It left me confused and desperately wanting the next episode. I really felt for the characters, especially Nick – even as I sassed him. Though Episode One played with my emotions more (that dog scene as well as making me feel ill, stitches anyone?), I felt like Episode Two was meatier and more substantial to the overarching storyline.

It started well with Nick and Clem. I gave him the pep talk of my life and we escaped. I assumed he was dead. Then back to the house with the family and crazy sheltered Sarah. There’s just something about her that bugs me. I hate interacting with her – I just tell her how it is. I mean it’s a zombie apocalypse right? No time for niceties.

Here is when I got confused. A strange man comes to the door and I let him in. I PRESSED THE WRONG BUTTON. Obviously the game is full of false choice so he probably would have entered anyway. Though the things he was saying to me started making me doubt if my group consisted of good people or if he was good. OH MY GOD I DON’T KNOW.

Then we suddenly packed up and left. I find it strange that they send Clem to do everything. She’s what, 11? Anyway the bridge scene was sad. He seemed so nice and bloody Nick had to go and shoot him. Didn’t think much of it after that.

Made it to the house and of course Clem had to climb up and check everything out. She saw lights with was quickly dismissed and who lives there but KENNY! Holy moly. Kenny wasn’t my favourite in the original because come on who could beat Clem and Lee but regardless seeing him in Season 2 was fantastic! I immediately decided I wanted to stay with him and was happy when that option was offered to me. I did feel a little guilty when Luke obviously heard that.

All of these mentions of when Matthew will come home makes it incredibly obvious that he was the one on the bridge so it is no surprise when that is played out in the story.

After that all hell breaks loose when the previous mentioned guy who I had no idea who he was waltzes in and snaps some fingers, shoots some people.. You know, just a day in the life of Clem? Now I am confused.. I had my doubts about my group because he seemed so sincere but now he is killing people and it seems my group had escaped from him. OH GOD I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO SHOOT KENNY. Anyway I let Alvin die. Partly because I was indifferent and partly because I thought my option would have prevented it anyway.

So I assumed he was awful.. But then it shows what happens next and I have no idea because in some of the scenes Clem is smiling with Bonnie (I didn’t like her in 400 Days) and this guy. George? Is it an act or is he good? He can’t be though right because he acted like a maniac? Is Clem just pretending to get by? OH LORDY.


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