I have a problem. I have a backlog. Not one or two or even three games. Over three hundred. I like to think I am doing well. I realised recently that I hadn’t purchased any games this year. Had I beaten any? Hm, maybe not but still! That is until I realised that I have seven in the mail coming to me, two on hold at a game shop for me and four preorders. WHY?
I really do want to beat my backlog but I find games that are coming out to be much more enjoyable. I want to read all about them and get in on the hype and then by the time they come out and I own them, I am so bored of them that they stay shrink wrapped on my shelf. The cycle then repeats itself.

I also try to get trophies. I currently have 30 platinums and find myself playing games I have beaten just to get trophies when I could be beating new games in that time. I am trying to curb this habit as well but it is so hard to break.

Currently I am playing Dragon Age: Origins for the first time and enjoying it. What else should I play? I need to update it a little but this is my Backloggery. Any suggestions on things I own that I desperately need to finish? I have so many Harvest Moon games to play but buying a Nintendo 64 and finding a copy of Harvest Moon 64 seems so much more appealing.

….I need help!


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